Optical Services

The transformative effects of eyewear are undeniable. Prescription glasses and contact lenses provide sharper, clearer vision by helping eyes direct light to the retina in just the right way. Whether for special occasions or everyday use, modern eyewear technology can help ensure one sees their best—and sharpest—all day long.

Guthrie Specialty Eye Care offers a variety of optical services:

  • Corrective lenses: Eyeglasses are an easy and effective way to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, blurry vision and age-related vision decline.
  • Contact lenses: A Guthrie Optician will transpose your prescription and fit you with the right contact lenses for your eye. Online ordering is available through our partner, Abby.
  • Designer frames: Choose from our extensive variety of frames featuring the latest styles and designer fashion brands.
  • Low vision aids: We offer specialized devices to help those living with low vision – vision loss that can’t be corrected medically or surgically.
  • Sunglasses: Stylish prescription sunglasses help protect your eyes from the Sun’s UV rays while helping you see clearly.
  • Sports glasses: Don’t let glasses get in the way of your game. Guthrie offers prescription sports glasses that you can wear safely, even while playing high-impact sports.
  • Safety eyewear: These glasses offer protection in certain work and hobby environments. See a Guthrie Optician to determine which option would work best for your needs.
  • Eyeglass adjustments and minor repairs: Guthrie Opticians have the tools and expertise to make minor repairs and adjustments for your glasses as needed. This includes replacing screws, nose pads, tightening frames, and other minor adjustments.

Guthrie optical shops are conveniently co-located with optometry services at several locations:

Walk-in or make an appointment by calling 800-4-SIGHT-2 (800-474-4482).

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