4 Fun Fall Fitness Activities

4 Fun Fall Fitness Activities

There are so many ways to be active while enjoying the season. Here are a few the whole family can do.

The air is getting crisp, the leaves are changing color. That means it's the perfect time of year to get outside 和 have some fun. Fall offers loads of opportunities that can help keep you – 和 the whole family – fit.

Even if you're getting tired of your regular fitness routine, these activities will have you moving your body 和 strengthening your heart.

  • 徒步旅行. The changing leaves make autumn one of the most beautiful times of the year to take a hike. Find a trail that is appropriate for your fitness level, grab a friend or the whole family 和 don't forget some water 和 a healthy snack if you'll be out for a while. The colorful scenery will likely make you forget how long you're exercising.
  • 南瓜挑选. It is fun to head to the farm to pick your own pumpkin, but it's also a good workout!  Have you felt how heavy some of those pumpkins can be? To add additional activity, ask if you can walk to the fields instead of taking the hayride. Pick up a few pumpkins before you decide on the one that's just right 和 you'll get in a bit of strength-training without having to head to the gym.
  • 玉米迷宫. Lace up your shoes 和 have some fun as you walk or run through a maze made out of corn stalks. Some corn mazes can take an hour or more to get through, especially if you can't find your way easily. Enjoy time with family or friends as you all get in a good workout 和 a few good laughs.  
  • 秋天的节日. Whether you're looking at scarecrows or sampling apple cider, many towns 和 cities across the country have outdoor fairs 和 festivals at this time of year. Get out, walk around 和 take in the sights, smells 和 tastes of the season.

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